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What Does Commercial Cleaning Mean?

Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of non-domestic spaces, like gyms, schools, offices, and other similar businesses or buildings through more in-depth methods and tools. Companies that offer commercial cleaning can also provide more specialized cleanings, like carpet extractions. 

There are many different terms for specific cleaning jobs, and the meaning of commercial cleaning may be unknown to you. Do you want to know more about what commercial cleaners offer? 

Keep on reading to find out. 

What is Commercial Cleaning? 

Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of businesses and other commercial spaces. Commercial cleaners will often clean places with higher amounts of foot traffic, requiring a deeper cleaning and sanitation.

Often, those who own these businesses do not have the time to clean these places themselves, so they outsource the work through commercial cleaners. This helps save them time and provide their workers with a sanitary and clean environment.

Commercial cleaners can help your business look professional, clean, and well-kept, helping your reputation and customer satisfaction rates. 

How is Commercial Cleaning Different Than Others? 

A key aspect of understanding what commercial cleaning means is understanding how it differs from residential and janitorial cleaning. Each of these services may seem similar enough, but each offers a unique list of job roles and services they provide.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning means the cleaning of domestic spaces, like homes. These cleaners will focus on cleaning interiors of homes, and perform services like dusting, mopping, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. They do not have access to specialized equipment like commercial cleaners. 

Janitorial Cleaning 

Janitorial cleaning is also done for businesses, making it similar to commercial. However, it differs in a few ways. Janitorial services are more general, daily cleaning, like bathroom cleaning, taking out the trash, and vacuuming. They do not have access to the equipment commercial cleaners do. 

What Does a Commercial Cleaning Include? 

Commercial cleaning companies are hired by businesses and industries for deep internal cleaning and sanitization purposes. They also can offer general and routine cleanings as well. Cleaning of commercial spaces can offer a more hygienic and organized space for guests, customers, and workers alike. 

Some of their more specialized services may include: 

      1. Hard Floor Cleaning

    Floors can quickly become dulled and covered in residue from high amounts of foot traffic. Commercial cleaners have the equipment and products to properly deep clean and care for hard floors. 

    Different methods commercial cleaners use for floors can include buffing and burnishing concrete and tile and stripping and waxing linoleum and vinyl floors. They also can deep clean hardwood floors. They will help maintain the care of your floors, keeping them shining for as long as possible. 

        1. Walls and Suspended Ceiling Cleaning

      While floors may be easy to remember when it comes to cleaning, walls, and suspended ceilings need special attention as well. Commercial cleaners can offer a targeted approach to cleaning these often forgotten spaces. 

          1. Light Fixtures and Furniture Cleaning

        Whether it’s a church or office building, undoubtedly there will be plenty of furniture that is touched and dirtied daily. Commercial cleaning can help clean and dust any hard-to-reach corners and will pay close attention to details that a regular janitorial service might miss. 

        Using upholstery cleaners, they can target the furniture in office spaces and give them a deeper clean. Removal of this debris and bacteria can help provide a sanitary environment for the safety of the workers there. 

            1. Window Cleaning

          Window cleaning is a place where commercial cleaning shines. While general interior window cleaning may be included in most janitorial services, commercial cleaning also offers its services for exterior windows. 

          Using unique and specific equipment and cleaning solutions, commercial cleaners can help you achieve the best sparkling clean for your commercial windows. 

              1. Carpet Cleaning

            The careful, thorough cleaning that commercial cleaning can give carpets is truly one of their greatest appeals. Commercial cleaning services include carpet extraction, which is a deep clean generally done around one to two times a year for carpets in areas with a moderate amount of foot traffic. 

            Carpet extractions, also known as hot water extractions, are done by a worker blasting a carpet with hot water while simultaneously using a special vacuum to suck up all the dirt and debris. This guarantees an efficient and sanitary result while restoring the carpets’ shine once more. 

                1. General Sanitation 

              Commercial cleaners work hard to provide a sanitary environment for the businesses they’re hired to clean and do so through their specialty equipment and commercial-grade chemicals they have access to. 

              Commercial cleaners can clean and sanitize bathrooms, kitchen and dining spaces, breakrooms, and many other places that are common harbors for bacteria. Sanitation plays an important role in how well a business works and commercial cleaners are here to help. 

                  1. External Cleaning

                Many commercial cleaners have access to equipment like pressure washers, making the cleaning of building exteriors thorough and precise. Pressure washers use high-pressure water to clean surfaces. 

                Pressure washers can be used on sidewalks, parking lots, building exteriors, outdoor decks and furniture, and many other things. Pressure washing is an effective and quick way to scrub away grime and grease. It can be used on brick and can help in keeping your building looking new. 

                Where Does Commercial Cleaning Take Place

                Commercial cleaning takes place in a wide variety of places. Here is a list of some common places where commercial cleaners are hired for their services

                    • Retail

                    • Banks and other financial institutions

                    • Gyms and fitness centers

                    • Churches and other places of worship

                    • Restaurants

                    • Medical and other healthcare facilities

                    • Universities and schools

                    • Industrial and manufacturing buildings

                    • Auto dealerships

                    • Business offices 


                  Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of commercial spaces and differs from residential and janitorial cleaning. Commercial cleaners specialize in certain cleaning methods and can offer the best deep cleaning to commercial and industrial spaces alike. Reach out to us today for a free estimate!


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