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About Michigan's #1 Commercial Cleaning Company

I.M.K. Cleaning Services was originally founded 12 years ago as a small family business with a forward-thinking vision.

Ivan Kramarchuk,
Halyna Kramarchuk,

I.M.K. Roots

For many years, our expert team has obtained a high level of expertise within this industry. Our brand continues to expand and deliver top-of-the-line cleaning products and commercial cleaning services to valued clients in our local Michigan area.

The ambitious mindset of our growing team began with the desire to fill a void in the region. We believe that state-of-the-art commercial cleaning services are the key to building a prosperous business. A clean space invites creativity and innovation.

As our company continues to expand, we never forget our humble roots. We see every valued client as an essential member of our family and they’re treated as such. Our cleaning experts always go the extra mile to highlight the individual needs of every organization we serve.

Our Specialties

I.M.K. Cleaning Services specializes in delivering remarkable commercial cleaning jobs and producing eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies. All of our cleaning experts are licensed and insured to complete timely services that are within your budget.

Successfully proven scheduling systems allow our valued clients to receive regular cleaning services at the same time every month. When you’re ready to invest in the elevation of your business, give us a call.

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Our History

From small family beginnings to an expanding network of partners


Over a decade ago, I.M.K. Cleaning Services was born as a small family business. After displaying a continuous dedication to elevating our clients’ business presence, the exponential expansion of our cleaning services began.

Forward-thinking businesses in Macomb County, MI became the target for our superior services.


Over a decade ago, I.M.K. Cleaning Services was born as a small family business. After displaying a continuous dedication to elevating our clients’ business presence, the exponential expansion of our cleaning services began.

Forward-thinking businesses in Macomb County, MI became the target for our superior services.


As the company continued to prosper, our clientele base steadily grew.

The end of 2018 featured a season of strong growth for I.M.K Cleaning Services. Our commitment to high-level expertise, respectful professionalism, and pure know-how have supported our ability to increase our sphere of influence over the years.

This year allowed us to provide our commercial cleaning services to all industries.

The next phase of growth included becoming an essential provider of environmentally friendly cleaning products to all segments of the hospitality industry.


We successfully launched our new services package, The I.M.K Cleaning Services PLUS.

I.M.K Cleaning Services has officially relaunched its new brand as a highly anticipated strategic direction for the company. This path focuses on expanding our inventory to include a vast range of products that extend beyond simple detergents.

The re-branding business strategy positions the company to show the importance of fostering long-term partnerships and creating a network of trustworthy distributors; all with the underlying goal of supporting the valued clients who have become a vital part of the I.M.K. family!

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously develop highly trained team members who are committed to providing the best janitorial and cleaning services in Oakland and Macomb County.

Our Promise To You

With successfully proven eco-friendly cleaning products, our professional team executes a competitively efficient clean. Every member of our team is always willing to improve for the betterment of client satisfaction. We support positive attitudes and high morale in the workplace.

Whenever a deep cleaning job is performed within your space, we double-check even the most hard-to-reach places to ensure a quality grade clean. This is made possible by the trustworthy network of suppliers we are honored to call our partners.

An undeniable shine is always the goal.

3 Reasons to Choose I.M.K

Our highly successful business was founded upon the following core principles:

Trustworthy Partners and Suppliers

Receptive Customer Service Team

High-Quality Inventory Of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

What we are proud of

The familial team at I.M.K. Cleaning Services is extraordinarily proud of the incredibly wide range of products and services we offer to consumers in our local area. When it’s an industry-leading deep clean you are looking for, our experts are the ones to call!

You make the requests, we execute the clean.

About Our Family

Founded in 2009 by Ivan Kramarchuk, I.M.K Cleaning Services emerged with a mission to address the recurring issues witnessed in other cleaning companies. Leveraging Ivan’s extensive 17 years of experience in the industry, the company set out to provide exceptional commercial cleaning services. Halyna Kramarchuk, Ivan’s wife, joined him in this endeavor, ensuring meticulous attention to detail by personally cleaning offices.

The exceptional work ethic and unwavering commitment to perfection quickly earned I.M.K Cleaning Services recognition for its outstanding quality and reliability. In 2015, Andrew Kramarchuk, Ivan’s son, joined the company, sharing his parents’ passion for making a difference.

Andrew’s unique skill set and expertise in business management propelled the family business forward. With a focus on expansion and operational enhancement, he drove the company to extend its services beyond Oakland County to encompass Macomb and Wayne counties. Today, I.M.K Cleaning Services boasts a dedicated team of over 50 employees.

Reasons for I.M.K. Success

The success of I.M.K Cleaning Services can be attributed to the principles instilled by the Kramarchuk family—professionalism, integrity, and a genuine care for their clients’ needs.

Under Andrew’s leadership as Director and Supervisor, I.M.K Cleaning Services embraced innovative technologies and streamlined processes to boost efficiency. State-of-the-art cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly products became integral to their operations, positioning them at the forefront of the industry. Furthermore, Andrew prioritized fostering strong relationships with both clients and employees. Comprehensive training programs and a customer feedback system were implemented to continuously improve services based on client preferences.

Today, I.M.K Cleaning Services is a trusted partner in maintaining clean and healthy workspaces for businesses. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart, as they consistently go above and beyond to deliver cleaning solutions that businesses love. With Ivan’s wealth of experience, Halyna’s expertise in maintaining pristine environments, and Andrew’s creative ideas, the company continues to grow and make a positive impact in the communities they serve. Committed to being the best and treating their clients with care, I.M.K Cleaning Services is dedicated to upholding their well-deserved reputation for years to come.

Service Key Features

Our expert staff consistently performs each responsibility with discipline and dedication. This commitment is supported by a series of checks and balances that offers valued clients a secure peace of mind with our first-rate cleaning services.

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