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Day Porter Services

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Our onsite cleaning services support your ability to focus on important tasks during the workday.

At I.M.K., we take our services one step further than regular janitorial cleaning. Our highly-trained experts clean your office space when your employees are hard at work.

We can provide a large variety of services depending on the needs of your business. From different floor package deliveries to restroom deep cleaning, our staff is ready to help.

Our cleaning services are designed to keep your facility looking professional and running smoothly.

Service Key Features

Our Day Porter Services include:

  • Removal and general cleaning of the dumpsters
  • Maintenance of trash receptacles
  • Cleaning, reliable, and timely cleaning services
  • Relining of trash receptacles
  • Cleaning of trash receptacles
  • Cleaning of restrooms
  • Cleaning of all common areas and individual office spaces
  • Restocking/Setup before and after meetings
I.M.K. Cleaning Services

Our goal is to provide you with day porter services that fill in the gaps within your business. There is always a new and exciting opportunity knocking at your door in the business world. We help you make sure your office building exudes the professionalism that invites elevation.

As your employees are effectively working towards reaching the goals and vision of your company, our cleaning expertswill complete the tasks that tend to fall by the wayside. This allows you to feel confident that minute tasks will not escalate into enormous emergencies.

Each member of our team goes through a rigorous training plan to provide the most amount of value to your business. Our day porter services act as a much-needed addition to your staff to efficiently complete the essential everyday “housekeeping” duties.

Allow us to take these responsibilities off your shoulders so you can focus on achieving your vision.

The Superior Janitorial and Cleaning Services Of I.M.K.​

I.M.K. Cleaning Services go beyond producing exceptional results with every single service. Our professional team continues to set the standard of what a truly efficient commercial cleaning company represents.

From high-performance product launches to trustworthy networking opportunities, we continue to focus on client satisfaction as our top priority. Our efficient system delivers quick and reliable services to various businesses in the community.

After a one-time deep clean, you will see a noticeable boost in company morale. Trust our experienced team to utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products that will improve the effectiveness of your business operations.

Our impressive reputation speaks for itself.

I.M.K. Cleaning Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously develop highly trained team members who are committed to providing the best janitorial and cleaning services in Oakland and Macomb County.


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